Our Values

  • Safety: Our most important obligation is to each other and our families. We require all employees to pledge annually to uphold this as our top priority. We place a relentless focus on creating a safe and healthy work environment.
  • Excellence: An expectation to continuously strive for world-class performance in our individual behavior and business performance as measured against the highest standard we know or can imagine.
  • Respect: This is the cornerstone of how we behave toward others and is built on the belief in the inherent good intentions and orientation toward growth in fellow human beings. We believe all people are fully worthy of growth and development.

Dual Bottom Line

The Dual Bottom Line Philosophy is the backbone from which we operate. The pursuits of financial performance and human development are co-equal and inextricably linked, and one is not more important than the other. At Enpro, we believe the success of our business is intertwined with the development, well-being, and engagement of our employees. Thus, we empower our employees to focus on what they want, not just meeting daily work demands. This approach is the foundation of our Dual Bottom Line culture. By actively encouraging employees to improve themselves and everything around them, we can drive transformational change for our employees, customers, communities, and the environment.

Building our Workplace

In 2012, Enpro launched Building Our Workplace (BOW), a two-day workshop that builds awareness of Enpro's dual-bottom line culture. Nearly 5,700 employees participated in over 200 workshops facilitated by 150 educators worldwide. BOW aims to promote a shared understanding of our culture and equip all employees with the skills necessary to work in a dual-bottom line company. In 2020, we further developed BOW. The renamed "Tie the BOW" will serve as an introduction to the framework of This Is Enpro, developed to articulate the vision of Enpro for the next 100+ years. It will be used by established teams to aid in the building and continued development of authentic communities.

Commitment to Our People

People drive Enpro's success. Our colleagues – the most valuable part of Enpro – are empowered to develop themselves as they build our businesses' capability via creativity and initiative. We are committed to helping them grow. This commitment enables us to attract and retain a diverse workforce of top-tier talent, positioning us for continued growth. In a time of rapidly changing markets, Enpro chooses to aggressively respond by investing in human development – confident that these investments will produce the flourishing of our people and financial returns. We have invested in development workshops that have directly impacted more than 6,000 colleagues at all levels.

Working Your Way

We believe the people closest to the job should have the most input into how it is performed. We actively promote and encourage growth and new ideas based on the passions of our employees. As a result, our employees develop ideas that improve our processes and product quality, make our workplace and the world safer, and lower our impact on the environment. These ideas are constantly nurtured and integrated into our corporate system. By promoting, considering, and valuing these contributions, we are able to transform our business for the better meaningfully. This leads to greater employee happiness, improved engagement with the communities in which we work, and reduced impact on the environment.

Continually Learning

At Enpro, "learning & development" is not just another corporate catchphrase. Instead, it is an ingrained element of our culture and a foundation on which we build our business and enlarge our capabilities. Enpro offers an educational assistance program, industry courses, a learning library, and many leadership development programs. Our philosophy is to hire and retain highly motivated employees and provide them with a vehicle that will enable them to continue to grow.

Charitable Giving

Enpro believes its vitality as a business is linked with the quality of life in the communities where it operates. Those communities become more robust through our employees' contributions and involvement. We have a matching gift policy that allows our colleagues to choose the charity they wish to support and provides an additional company match for volunteer hours. Several of our operating locations hold fundraisers to support local charities of their choice, including Houston Food Bank, American Cancer Society of New York, American Cancer Society of Florida, Millington Needy Families Fund, Susan G. Komen Philadelphia, D.O.R.S. Youth Transition Center, Three Gaits, Inc., Habitat for Humanity, and many more.

In 2020, we were proud to officially launch the Enpro Foundation to support organizations working to advance education, equality, and diversity and live up to our commitment to combat systemic racism and social injustice. We know that many are struggling to navigate difficult situations before and during the pandemic. Our foundation is just one way to create a better future for all by engaging our communities and lifting up those who are disadvantaged.

While our foundation is still in the early stages, we are well on track to be fully operational soon. In February 2021, we funded the foundation at $1 million, assembled a grant committee comprised of members of the Enpro workforce, and began making donations. To start, our foundation provided support to:

  • Equal Justice Initiative in Montgomery, AL, for its work on racial justice and public education
  • BakerRipley in Houston, TX, for their COVID community relief efforts
  • Good Friends Charlotte in Charlotte, NC, for their COVID relief efforts for disadvantaged communities

Diversity and Workforce Equality

  • Enpro values diversity and is committed to providing equal opportunity for all employees. We will not tolerate discrimination based on gender, race, disability, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, protected veteran status, or gender identity. We encourage mutual respect among all employees.
  • We are committed to fair living wages for all employees, and our wages and benefits are competitive within our industry and local labor market. Our working hours contribute to a healthy work-life balance. The right to pursue your life's vision and purpose using Enpro's work as a vehicle applies equally to everyone.
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