Why Invest?

Proprietary Products

Our proprietary, highly engineered products and services provide differentiated performance derived from extensive materials science expertise, manufacturing know-how, and trade secrets. They are used in critical applications across diverse end markets, including semiconductor, life sciences, food and pharma, and other technology-enabled industries. Many of our products are used in the aftermarket, where our customers' regular maintenance and service schedules create stable, repeatable demand. This aftermarket activity accounts for about half of annual sales.

Brand Strength

Our companies are pioneers in their industries with a long history of proven performance. They command strong brand recognition and enduring relationships with both original equipment and aftermarket customers worldwide. The strength of our brands ensure that we are.

Disciplined Growth

Our growth is supported by investments in innovation, new capabilities, and carefully selected acquisitions that maximize the value that we deliver to our customers and shareholders. Our careful selection and integration of acquisitions and well-planned investments in our facilities and equipment enable us to expand product offerings and enter new markets.

Culture of Excellence

Our people, processes, and organizational culture drive continuous improvement in every facet of our company. Recruiting, training, empowering, and retaining exceptionally talented people enables them to reach their full potential and enables our company to achieve exceptional performance.