Supplier Code of Conduct

EnPro Industries Supplier Code of Conduct & Business Ethics

EnPro Industries, Inc. and its affiliates (“EnPro”) are committed to the highest standards in all aspects of its business. To confirm that commitment, we are putting forth our EnPro Industries Supplier Code of Conduct & Business Ethics (the ”Code”). This Code emphasizes Human Rights, Diversity, Environmental Sustainability and Ethics; it elaborates on the legal and ethical principles that we value and hold in high esteem, including our three core values of safety, excellence and respect.

EnPro expects all entities that supply goods, materials or services to EnPro (“Suppliers”) to abide by these principles and standards. The Code outlines the minimum criteria that we require all of our Suppliers (and their sub suppliers) to comply with in every respect.

Suppliers must observe and follow all applicable laws and regulations, and conduct business in a way that promotes high levels of integrity and transparency. Obviously, the Code cannot address every conceivable situation that Suppliers face. It does set out general legal and ethical principles that are to be applied globally, and obligate Suppliers to use sound judgement in applying them.

  1. Human Rights

    EnPro expects its Suppliers to:

    • Manage employees in a fair and ethical manner with dignity and respect.
    • Abide by international Labor Organization (ILO) standards related to worker’s rights.
    • Provide a safe and secure workplace that is fully compliant with or exceeds standards for health and safety laws and regulations, and promotes the deployment of best practices.
    • Ensure that all employees are fully trained on health and safety policies and practices and have access to all appropriate Personal Protective Equipment.
    • Comply with all laws and regulations related to working hours, benefits, wages and medical treatment.
    • Comply with all child labor laws and exclusively employ workers who meet minimum legal age standards within all appropriate jurisdiction(s).
    • Reject the use of involuntary labor including, but not limited to slave, forced, bonded, indentured or incarcerated labor.
    • Reject human trafficking or exploitation of any kind.
    • Refrain from unlawful discrimination and harassment in every form.
  2. Inclusion & Diversity

    EnPro expects its Suppliers to:

    • Reject any illegal discrimination, harassment or intimidation of any kind.
    • Comply with all applicable laws and regulations in providing equal opportunities to employees and associates.
  3. Environmental Sustainability

    EnPro expects its Suppliers to:

    • Use and consume resources in a responsible and efficient manner.
    • Commit to environmental stewardship and sustainability and fully comply with all laws and regulations related to the protection of the environment and eco systems.
    • Actively reduce carbon footprints and minimize other environmental impacts through responsible activities.
  4. Integrity & Ethics

    EnPro expects its Suppliers to:

    • Hold themselves to the highest ethical standards and conduct its dealings with integrity.
    • Ensure that their employees, affiliates, suppliers, subcontractors conduct business with the highest ethical standards.
    • Avoid any real or perceived conflicts of interest and disclose any conflicts of interest that may be identified.
    • Comply with all laws and regulations related to bribery, corruption, collusion and all other improper and unethical business practices.
    • Protect employee personal data and take all appropriate steps to prevent data breaches.
    • Reject transactions with sub suppliers that generate profits that promote regional or global conflict.