California Transparency in Supply Chains Act

EnPro Industries, Inc. (including its affiliated companies, "EnPro") supports the human rights goals of the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010, which requires disclosures about the global issues of human trafficking and slavery.

EnPro's core values are safety, respect and excellence. In order to adhere to these values, our employees must engage in ethical behavior and comply with all applicable laws. EnPro strives to select and engage suppliers with the same values.

EnPro's actions in this area include the following:

1. Product Supply Chains / Suppliers. The standard Sales Terms and Conditions of the various EnPro businesses (the "Supplier Terms") contain various standards for EnPro suppliers. In particular, the Supplier Terms require the supplier to warrant its compliance with all laws, including those that prohibit human rights violations.

2. Supplier Verifications, Audits and Certifications. EnPro does not specifically investigate each prospective supplier to independently verify the supplier's compliance with laws prohibiting human trafficking and slavery. EnPro also does not require its suppliers to provide specific, ongoing and stand-alone certifications about compliance with laws prohibiting human trafficking and slavery. In some cases, however, EnPro reserves the right to verify that one or more existing suppliers are in compliance with the Supplier Terms by performing an audit (which may be done by a third party). EnPro may demand corrective measures or terminate its relationship with the supplier if the audit reveals non-compliance by the supplier (including any non-compliance with laws prohibiting human trafficking and slavery).

3. Human Rights in our Business Practices. EnPro's leadership stresses the importance of integrity, fair dealing and respect for the individual. EnPro believes that these principles are at the very core of our business and are reflected by each of our employees.

4. Corporate Conduct Guidelines. The EnPro Code of Conduct (the "EnPro Code") outlines expectations and standards for EnPro employees. The EnPro Code requires EnPro employees to follow all applicable laws. While the EnPro Guidelines do not specifically address laws prohibiting human trafficking and slavery, compliance with these laws is included within the general requirement to follow all applicable laws and EnPro would not tolerate any non‐compliance.

5. Employee Training. EnPro regularly provides compliance training to its employees on a variety of topics. However, to date there has been no focused training effort to employees in EnPro purchasing departments that is specifically directed toward laws prohibiting human trafficking and slavery.