Business Ethics and Anti-Corruption

EnPro has a comprehensive business ethics and anti-corruption policy. Emanating from our core values – Safety, Excellence and Respect – EnPro conducts its business with the highest level of ethics and integrity. EnPro requires its directors, officers, employees and business partners, such as agents and distributors, to comply with our Code of Conduct, as well as all applicable laws, rules and regulations related to corruption and bribery, including the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the UK Bribery Act. Each year, EnPro’s directors, officers and employees certify to EnPro’s Code of Conduct. Employees at various levels of the global enterprise receive regular and ongoing anti-corruption training. EnPro’s directors, officers and employees have an obligation to promptly report any situation that might constitute a violation of EnPro’s Code of Conduct, including any act of bribery or corruption. EnPro has established and maintains a global Hotline through which employees may report (anonymously if so desired) any violations. All reports are thoroughly investigated by EnPro’s Deputy General Counsel and Director of Compliance.

EnPro only uses designated business partners with and through whom to conduct business. Prior to engaging any business partner, a thorough investigation and due diligence is conducted regarding the business partner, including screening against lists of denied, debarred, suspended or sanctioned parties. It is EnPro’s expectation that all third parties will comply with EnPro’s Code of Conduct and all applicable laws.

EnPro’s Compliance Program, including its business and anti-corruption policy, has many levels of oversight, which ultimately resides with our Board of Directors. EnPro’s Compliance Committee, which is chaired by our Deputy General Counsel and Director of Compliance, is charged with maintaining and overseeing EnPro’s Compliance Program, including its business and anti-corruption policy. EnPro’s Compliance Committee Chair reports annually to the Audit and Risk Management Committee on EnPro’s Compliance Program. The Compliance Committee Chair has day-to-day responsibility for EnPro’s Compliance Program, with oversight by EnPro’s General Counsel and CEO.