Environmental Sustainability








At EnPro Industries we demonstrate our Core Values of Safety, Excellence and Respect through our environmental sustainability efforts. Whenever possible, our operations strive to go beyond compliance to conserve and recycle resources, protect our natural environment, and prevent pollution and other public safety risks. Compliance with national, state and local environmental laws and regulations at all operating facilities in the United States and around the world is our minimum acceptable standard of performance. We strive for world-class environmental stewardship and sustainability at all EnPro divisions because doing so is consistent with our core values and, by achieving these principles, we benefit from more efficient operations and higher-quality products.

EnPro Industries developed its own environmental management system based on 11 core principles including designing products and using processes that have minimal environmental effects during production, use and disposal. We are educating and motivating all colleagues to work together in an environmentally responsible manner, with measurable goals monitored at our more than 70 locations globally.

Periodic audits are conducted not only to ensure compliance with laws, regulations and EnPro’s policies, but also to make business unit leaders aware of environmental system management improvement opportunities. The audits are led by our Environmental, Health and Safety Leadership Team, which includes operating division representatives who make sure audits are thorough and complete, to identify compliance deficiencies and improvement opportunities.  Corrective action plans for compliance deficiencies are due within 45 days of audit completion. The highest ranking on-site manager must confirm corrective action resolutions within 90 days.

In addition to regular environmental audits, EnPro conducts an Environmental Excellence Award program to recognize facilities’ outstanding improvement efforts. Through this award program, we track each facility’s energy conservation, recycling and reuse. Facilities that implement programs and achieve high environmental excellence results are recognized each January.

EnPro colleagues are achieving our environmental conservation goals with the same spirit of innovation and continuous improvement that creates our leading-edge products. Across our global operations EnPro applies its strongest engineering capabilities to the challenges of eliminating waste, conserving resources and reducing environmental impacts.

Since winning the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Air Excellence Award nearly a decade ago – one of only 18 Clean Air Technology Awards during that time - our environmental sustainability efforts have achieved some notable accomplishments:


  • 77% reduction in Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Emissions
  • 42% reduction in Hazardous Waste
  • 42% reduction in Waste Water
  • 116% increase in Recycled Materials
  • 11 facilities have achieved zero percent landfill status — producing less waste than a typical family household
  • 19 facilities have less than 10 percent landfill usage
  • 16 facilities’ environmental management systems have earned ISO 14001 certification



Our intention is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through energy conservation. We presented our environmental system approach at the World Energy Engineering Congress, discussing energy conservation with the world’s top manufacturers. Individual EnPro facilities are responsible for special projects to achieve this goal. Successful projects include:

  • An EnPro facility in Palmyra, New York, developed a comprehensive energy management program, saving more than 2.8 million kWh in electricity and 500,000 therms of natural gas. The same business also installed a high-efficiency recovery system that captures 95 percent of solvents for reuse. This operation also uses nearby lake water for process and indoor cooling. Combined with the installation of closed-loop process equipment, the facility now saves more than 20,000 gallons of water per day.
  • Our Slovakia facility implemented an exemplary energy monitoring and reduction program. Between 2013 and 2017, the operation reduced energy consumption costs by 45 percent and kWh used by 40 percent.
  • Another EnPro facility in Sherbrooke, Ontario, installed solar panels along a south-facing wall to harness the sun’s rays for warming the air in the plant, which saves natural gas energy and emissions during the winter months.

EnPro’s commitment to environmental sustainability is deeply embedded in our operations. Environmental management systems throughout our businesses are structured to measure our performance and seek continuous improvement. Although EnPro has greatly progressed in sustainable operations, more opportunities remain, and our talented teams are committed to finding and implementing them as we live our Core Values.