Statement on United States Capitol Riots

Enpro’s President and CEO, Executive Team, and Board of Directors shared the following message with our colleagues:

Our values are safety (physical and psychological), excellence, and respect for all people. We hold dearly the sanctity and equality of each human being and the inherent right of each person to grow and develop into their best and truest expression. We support the freedom of speech and the right to peacefully protest as integral to our purpose of enabling the full release of human possibility.

We view the violent riot in Washington, D.C. on January 6, 2021, as being in stark contrast to these values and this purpose and hold this riot as being a direct assault on the United States Congress, the United States Capitol building and the United States Constitutional process, including free democratic elections and the peaceful transition of power. We mourn the deaths related to these events. We are deeply disturbed by emerging information of intentions of rioters to cause additional violent acts.

We witnessed and condemn this violent riot as inconsistent with the United States rule of law, the United States constitutional process, and our values and purpose. Now, more than ever, it is imperative that our colleagues in the United States and abroad come together united by our shared values of safety, excellence and respect for all people. With the election results certified in the United States, we have faith in, and support, America’s democratic institutions to ensure a peaceful transfer of power to a new administration.

Marvin Riley, President and Chief Executive Officer
Milt Childress, EVP and Chief Financial Officer
Jerry Johnson, SVP, Corporate Development, Strategy and Investor Relations
Robert McLean, EVP, General Counsel
Susan Sweeney, SVP and Chief Human Resources Officer
Enpro Board of Directors

Corporate and Division Leadership:
Steven Bower
Amy Considine
Mike Faulkner
Bill Favenesi
Steve Hill
Gilles Hudon
Larisa Joiner
Deepak Navnith
Chris O’Neal
Bob Panza
Chris Small
Eric Vaillancourt