We recognize that climate change represents a significant and complex challenge that we must address in unity. We are committed to diligently exploring all opportunities to reduce our energy usage and minimize the resulting greenhouse gas emissions wherever economically and technically feasible. We educate and motivate all colleagues to work together in an environmentally responsible manner, with measurable goals monitored at our more than 70 locations globally. We track each facility's energy conservation, recycling, and material reuse efforts through our Environmental Excellence Award program. Facilities that implement programs and achieve high environmental excellence results are recognized annually. But our efforts go beyond that. In recent years, we have committed to gradually and strategically decarbonize our business. We are moving into businesses that create great economic value but do so without mortgaging the natural world. This is our responsibility to our people, to our communities, and to the generations to come.

ESG Committee

Enpro’s ESG Committee is a critical part of Enpro’s commitment to environmental stewardship, employee health and safety, and corporate responsibility.  The Committee is appointed by and reports directly to Enpro’s Board of Directors.  Chaired by Enpro’s ESG Director, the Committee includes senior leaders from human resources, corporate compliance, business unit operations and investor relations. The Committee’s duties include assisting in the setting of Enpro’s ESG strategy, maintaining metrics and systems to track ESG performance and reinforcing Enpro’s culture regarding sustainability.

ESG Committee Charter
Enpro’s Environmental Sustainability Policy

Enpro 2020 Sustainability Report

Enpro’s commitment to environmental sustainability is deeply embedded in our operations. Environmental management systems throughout our businesses are structured to measure our performance and seek continuous improvement. Although Enpro has greatly progressed in sustainable operations, more opportunities remain, and our talented teams are committed to finding and implementing them as we live our Core Values.

Enpro colleagues are focused on environmental conservation with the same spirit of innovation and continuous improvement that creates our leading-edge products. Across our global operations Enpro applies its strongest engineering capabilities to the challenges of eliminating waste, conserving resources and reducing environmental impacts.

Since winning the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Air Excellence Award nearly a decade ago – one of only 18 Clean Air Technology Awards during that time - our environmental sustainability efforts have achieved some notable accomplishments:

  • 77% reduction in Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Emissions
  • 42% reduction in Hazardous Waste
  • 42% reduction in Waste Water
  • 116% increase in Recycled Materials
  • 11 facilities have achieved zero percent landfill status — producing less waste than a typical family household
  • 19 facilities have less than 10 percent landfill usage
  • 16 facilities’ environmental management systems have earned ISO 14001 certification