Enpro Standing Together

Our enduing values are safety (physical and psychological), excellence, and respect for all people. We hold dearly the sanctity and equality of each human being and the inherent right of each person to grow and develop into their best and truest expression. We encourage and support each person to bring his or her full self to the world and our work. All of this is integral to our purpose of enabling the full release of human possibility.

We believe we are stronger as a company and community when all people are included, heard and able to release their full possibility. Diversity is a defining feature of our present and a key enabler of our future, and this includes the variety of personal experiences and experiences that arise from differences of culture and circumstance, including race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, language, abilities and disabilities, sexual orientation, gender identity, socioeconomic status, geographic region, and more.

We are committed to inclusion, diversity, respect and equity within our company and in the communities we serve, for all people. We welcome and embrace people of all backgrounds because it makes us a better community, a stronger community. We deliberately work to profitably grow our company, develop as humans and businesspeople and be diverse, with a lens of abundance, where no person must suffer or hold back their growth while others benefit or flourish.

Together, at Enpro, we commit to being part of the solution, holding firm to our values, purpose and way of working. We hold as true that as a company and as individuals we must respond in words and actions, and with understanding and awareness, demonstrating the good that comes from building a community and company made stronger by diversity and difference. We believe our company can stand as a bulwark against hatred, prejudices and bigotry in this world.

We stand together to create real and sustainable change starting right here at Enpro.